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Beautifully hand decorated items of various pelargonium species to show their true beauty and grace for the home or garden, they can also be customized to the flower or plant of your choice.

Hand painted items include clocks,coasters,bags and scarves.

Hand painted Art products

Hand painted bird house

A lovely hand decorated bird house with flowers and leaves of pelargonium inquinans around the side.

Suitable for small birds such as the wren, coal tit or blue tit etc, it is great for encouraging birds and wildlife to your garden,  it can also be customized to your  favoured pelargonium.

The bird house is made from  MDF and needs to be ordered before it is painted, if you are interested please email me thank you.

Painted with non fading acrylic and gloss varnish

More items coming soon








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Hand painted floral clock

A beautifully decorated wooden clock with a hand painted design of  pelargonium inquinans in a circular pattern, it  has small clips at the back which can be hang up above the fire place, living room or anywhere in the home.

A battery is also included.

Please note that the image is brighter than the original clock which has a light green back ground.

Painted with non fading acrylic and gloss varnish

Hand painted coasters set

An elegant set of  five hand decorated coasters containing  different pelargonium species in many colours, these include flowers and leaves of   P. Glutinosum (balsam scented), P. Salmoneum ( salmon coloured flowers), P. Inquinans (red flowers), P. Gibbosum (yellow flowers) and P. Odoratissimum (white flowers/apple scented.

Great for the home when relaxing with your coffee.

Please note that the pictures are brighter than the original coasters and have a light green background.

Painted with non fading acrylic and gloss varnish

 1 set available € 15