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Pelargonium species seed collection The Pelargonium species are  unquestionably an enchanting  and beautiful species with their  graceful flowers and range of  fragrant leaves in a variety of  shapes that make these plants  simply unique.
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Scented Pelargonium species pelargonium species pelargonium seed collections Other plant varieties

The Pelargonium species are unquestionably an enchanting and beautiful species with their graceful flowers and range of fragrant leaves in a variety of shapes that make these plants simply unique.

These amazing species native to South Africa are equally as appealing as Cultivars, Zonals & Regals and can look attractive in hanging baskets,pots and window boxes for any garden type.

The elegant & graceful flowers can range in tone from brightly coloured shades of red-pink to pastel shades of pale pink-purple & even light green making these plants ideal for adding that extra colour to your patio.

The Delicate & heavenly aromatic fragrance of Rose, Apple, Peppermint, Fruit,Lemon, Balsam,

Musk & more all have their own unique aroma and a delight to add to any scented garden.

The fancy leaf shapes also have their own special charm and can resemble that of an Oak, Vine, Southernwood, Birch, Dicondra, Gooseberry, Maple & Currant shaped leaves with a range of textures.

These enchanting & beautiful species have been a fascination for explores, plant collectors and artists since the 1600s when new trade routes began to unfold by the Dutch East India company & many more newly found pelargoniums were being discovered.

The Dutch East India company (VOC) started in 1602 and was created by 73 directors of

Small trading organizations.

In 1651 Jan Van Riebeck was given a contract by the Dutch East India company to set up a station in South Africa for when Dutch ships arrived before their long wayward journey to the East.

P. triste was the first recorded pelargonium to travel to Europe & was taken to the botanical gardens of leiden by the VOC.

Pelargoniums worldwide

A greater percentage of the native Pelargonium species are found in South Africa

Mostly on the south west corner of  South Africa, a region which has some rainfall during the winter months.

Approximately 20 Pelargoniums grow in East Africa and there are also about 12 species that grow in other areas of the world including Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar, Turkey, St Helena, Tristan da Cunha.

Australia’s pelargonium species include the

p. Littorale, a perennial herb which has pink flowers found in coastal areas, also p. Drummondii & p. Australe.

Free scented pelargonium poster Free  Scented Pelargonium Species Poster  Use as a desktop wallpaper, To print out or use as a reference.

The Pelargonium species

The Pelargonium species comprises of about 200 or more  perennials, succulents and shrubs.

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For the latest Pelargonium  species world seed catalogue Please click the link right  To view & download video- 38 pelargonium species

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38 pelargonium

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