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We are working together with nature and wildlife, all our plants are grown naturally in a natural environment with no chemicals, pesticides or fungicides.

All our seeds are fresh and are carefully picked by hand from our Mediterranean gardens.

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 As we are a new company we are continually adding  new species to our  Pelargonium online store seed collection.

Erodium pelargoniflorum

A lovely erodium with attractive clusters of white flowers and violet purple markings on the upper petals, the leaves are heart shaped & slightly scented. It was given the name Pelargonifolium because of the pelargonium like flowers and is also known as Sweetheart or herons bill.

Erodium pelargonifolium is a small woody shrub that grows to about  30 cm s/12 inches in height .

This plant prefers slightly sandy/loam/chalk soil conditions in full sun to part shade, PH alkaline,neutral and grows well in a medium sized pots or planted in the garden with other Shrubs. Native to Anatolia in Turkey

Sweet heart/herons bill

Ideal for pots,  or grown in the garden Next to other shrubs. Clusters of white flowers with violet  markings on the upper petals pelargonium aridum
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