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#top Pelargonium Succulent species

We are working together with nature and wildlife, all our plants are grown naturally in a natural environment with no chemicals, pesticides or fungicides.

All our seeds are fresh and are carefully picked by hand from our Mediterranean gardens.

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 As we are a new company we are continually adding  new species to our  Pelargonium online store seed collection.


Pelargonium  Aridum

An elegant pelargonium with delicate finely divided  green to brownish green leaves. The flowers are pale yellow and each flowering stork contains up to five flowers.

Pelargonium aridum is a low growing semi succulent tufted plant that grows to about  30 cm s/12 inches in height with a large tuberous root under ground, it is deciduous in Winter.

This plant prefers slightly sandy soil conditions in part shade, in  a medium sized pot on the window sill or grown underneath larger plants in the garden.   Limited availably- 3  packets

Light yellow flowers

Each packet contains 5 seeds - €4.20

Ideal for pots,  or grown below larger plants in the garden Elegant finely divided leaves and  Light yellow flowers