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Pelargonium capitatum was one of the scented geraniums that were greatly admired by the Victorians who included them in bouquets, potpourri, flavouring deserts and also in jellies & cakes. It has delicate soft rose-scented ovate crinkled leaves which soften the skin when applied to the hands and is great for hardened skin and scratches. The flowers are purple-pink with darker markings, arranged in an inflorescence of about 10-20 flowers which attract honey bees. It originates from South Africa in sandy areas where it grows to a low shrub about 100 cm in height, ideal for pots, planted in the garden or a meadow habitat.

Pelargonium  Capitatum

Rose scented pelargonium

each packet contains 10 seeds

plant description

Pelargonium capitatum is low growing shrub that grows to 100 cm (39in) in height with long trailing branches and soft ovate crinkled leaves. The mauve pink flowers are 15mm across and each head has about 10-20 flowers.

Essential oils are extracted from its leaves and are used in skin care and perfumes. The leaves soften the skin when applied to the hands and is also good for hardened skin & stratches.

growing conditions

Pelargonium capitatum is native to the coast of South Africa from Lamberts bay westwards to Kwazulu Natal mostly in Sandy areas, beaches and slopes. It is ideal for pots, hanging baskets, window boxes or fragrant gardens and prefers sandy and loam soils(PH. Acid,Alkaline,Neutral).

Attracts honey bees   For container gardening Soft velvety rose scented leaves
Pelargonium capitatum

Plant details

Growth habit- low growing with spreading branches

Soil type- sandy loam  PH acid, alkaline, neutral


Flower period- Spring Summer

Position- full sun to part shade

Scented leaf uses

Essential oils can be extracted from its leaves by steam distillation and are used in skincare, perfume and aromatherapy. The ‘Rosat’ group of scented pelargoniums that are currently used in the production of Rose geranium essential oil in Egypt, China & the island of Reunion are derived from this plant. The Soft crinkled leaves can create an elegant subtle flavour of rose to cakes and desserts. Not to be confused with P. Capitatum ‘Attar of roses’ a cultivar which has stronger rose-scented leaves and pinker flowers.

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