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 Pelargonium Species World


Scented leaf  Pelargoniums

This guide contains everything you need to know about these beautiful & charming plants with their unique fragrant leaves and delicate flowers which includes:

-35 scented leaf pelargonium species are covered in this book with detailed information on the scented leaf fragrance, appearance of the plant,leaf & flowers, native habitat and growing tips.

-History of pelargoniums

-Growing pelargoniums.

-Natural habitats and regions

-Plant anatomy & leaf types

-Essential oil, Aromatherapy and its uses

-Scented leaf uses in food & beverages

A gardeners guide to the scented leaf pelargonium species

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as a printed book


A guide to growing Species Pelargoniums from the main book "A gardeners guide to the scented pelargonium species" by Charis Estelle Olney

 It includes information on growing pelargoniums from seed, special seed treatments, transplanting seedlings, damping off, hardening off, root bound signs, re-potting pelargoniums, fertilizers, pruning pelargoniums, stem cuttings, natural remedies and pests & diseases

Pelargoniumspecies Growing guide

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