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The National Gardens

Athens Greece

These fascinating & enchanting gardens contain ornamental features and classical borders which have a natural & Mediterranean feel as you walk through the twisting walkways shaded by many varieties of tree & plants species.

This garden features a circular ornamental iron frame design with trellis covered with climbing foliage over a water feature containing both fish and turtles.

The raised border around the side of the garden feature also contains subtropical plants in bright colours.

This beautiful park covers an area of 15.5 hectares containing ancient ruins, lakes, path ways, ornamental features, a botanical museum, Coffee shop, and a zoo containing kri-kri, turtles,peacocks, ducks & other animals.

It was originally part of the royal gardens which was partly closed off to the public and was only used by royalty,

Queen Amalia the queen consort of Greece (wife of king otto of Greece) gave permission for the royal Gardens to be Created in 1838 & was designed by

Friedrich Schmidt a German agronomist.

It was not until the 1920's that the gardens were fully opened to the public and became know as the National Gardens of Athens.

This Italian style garden has a large iron frame work that is circular in shape and borders the outside of the garden  supported by vertical trellis.

The centre has a small water feature with light stone circular borders surrounding it,  that is filled with many types of sub tropical and Mediterranean plants with steps in four corners of this simple & elegant design.

The National gardens are situated behind the Hellenic Parliament building next to Syntagma square in the centre of Athens.

5 minutes walk away from the National gardens  from the zappeio to the Vasilissis Amulias avenue is a delightful walkway with a line of Jucardinas trees filled with beautiful purple flowers which has an intoxicating aroma & petals covering the ground.

Next to this walkway is a very nice cafe where you can relax with a coffee & delicious cake and look at the amazing views.

These enchanting gardens contains many more exciting  garden features,

It has a lake surrounded by many trees, plants and natural stone with a bridge where you can walk over & enjoy the views.

A  Zoo that contains a number of animals including Kri Kri a type of wild mountain goat and also ducks, peacocks/hens. Tortoise  & more.

There is also a large natural water feature that contain turtles.

These are lovely gardens to admire, explore & visit.

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