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Ideal for larger pots, planted in the      Garden, fragrant gardens or near       Water features. Low growing shrub Balsam scented

Pelargonium  denticulatum

 This is a pelargonium of exceptional  delicacy & charm, it has pinkish purple flowers with red or pink markings on the upper petals & each flowering stalk has about 3-6  flowers. The dark green sticky triangular finely divided leaves are balsam scented,  it is a low growing shrub which reaches to about 150 cm/59 inches in height and prefers most soil conditions and can also grow in slightly damp areas. The name “denticulatum” is derived from the Latin word meaning small teeth referring to the sharp pointed teeth along the edge of the leaves. It is ideal for larger pots, planted in the garden, fragrant gardens or near water features.

Tooth leaved pelargonium

plant description

Pelargonium denticulatum is an upright branching shrub which grows to about 150 cm (59 inches) in height,The dark green sticky leaves are triangular in shape and finely divided with pinkish purple flowers and darker red or pink markings on the upper petals,each flowering stalk contains 3-6 flowers.

This plant is native to the South Western Cape in moist areas close to streams,valleys and mountainsides which has Summer and Winter rainfall..

growing conditions
It prefers slightly sandy soil conditions(PH.acid)semi shade to sun part shade part of the day and is ideal for larger pots,planted in the garden,fragrant gardens or near to water features.

 each packet contains 5 seeds

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