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Ideal for Fragrant gardens, window        Boxes, hanging baskets & pots. Creamy white flowers Pineapple scented leaf
plant description

Pelargonium mollicomum is a low growing shrub which grows to about 50 cm (19 inches)in height, the leaves are light green & rounded usually with a dark zone in the centre and creamy white flowers with thin purple lines on the upper petals, each flowering stalk contains 1-5 flowers.

This plant is native to the Eastern Cape, possibly in mountainous areas towards the South.

growing conditions

Pelargonium mollicomum prefers well drained slightly sandy soil in full sun to part shade and is suitable for fragrant gardens, window boxes,tubes or hanging baskets. .

Please note that pelargonium mollicomum is prohibited in Australia and some packages maybe confiscated or returned.

Pelargonium  mollicomum

Exotic pineapple scented pelargonium

An attractive graceful pelargonium with a slightly exotic appearance, it has creamy white flowers with thin purple lines on the upper petals & each flowering stalk has about 1-5 flowers. The light green rounded leaves are crinkled with scalloped margins and are pineapple scented with a dark zone in the centre, an essential oil can be extracted from the leaves. P. mollicomum is a low-growing shrub which reaches about 50 cm/20 inches in height and prefers slightly sandy soil conditions. The name “mollicomum” is derived from the Latin word meaning soft hairs and is ideal for fragrant gardens, window boxes, hanging baskets or pots.

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Plant details

Growth habit- low growing shrublet

Soil type- sandy loam  

Height-50 cm/ 20 in

Flower period- Spring Summer

Position- full sun to part shade

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Scented leaf  uses

An essential oil can be extracted from its leaves and is believed to have a tropical fruit-like aroma.