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Pelargonium  graveolens        

Sweet  scented geranium

An old classic pelargonium also known as the old-fashioned rose geranium has pink to light purple flowers & darker markings on the upper petals, each flowering stalk has about 5-10 flowers. The soft velvety triangular deeply incised leaves have a rosy mint scent and have been well known since the 17th century for their use in food & beverages, tea, potpourri & perfume, it is also used in the production of rose geranium essential oil. P graveolens is an upright branching slightly woody shrub that reaches about 150 cm/29 inches & is ideal for pots or fragrant gardens.

plant description

Pelargonium graveolens is an upright branching slightly woody shrub which grows to about 150 cm (29 inches) in height. The soft velvety deeply incised triangular leaves have a rose minty scent and the flowers are pink to light purple with darker markings on the upper petals & each flowering stalk contains 5-10 flowers.

This plant is native to South Africa in areas of the Limpopo Province and also in parts of the Western Cape to the South East where it grows on mountainsides that has rainfall during the Summer & Winter.

growing conditions

Pelargonium graveolens prefers moist and slightly sandy soil in a sheltered position (PH neutral) full sun to part shade and is suitable for fragrant gardens, planted in the garden or in large pots. P. graveolens is grown for its essential oil on the Island of Reunion (East of Madagascar) and also Bulgaria.

Ideal for fragrant gardens or medium to large      pots. Rose/mint scented leaf

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Plant details

Growth habit- An upright branching shrub

Soil type- sandy loam  PH neutral

Height-150 cm/ 29 in

Flower period- Spring Summer

Position- full sun to part shade

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Scented leaf  uses

The leaves of this plant have a strong rosy mint scent which can be added to potpourri, scented pillows and to flavour food and beverages, a tea is also made from fresh leaves for the treatment of tonsillitis. The essential oil can be extracted from its leaves and is used in skincare & aromatherapy.

fresh leaves can be added to food & beverages
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