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Ideal for fragrant gardens, rock      gardens  & gardens with water      features A tall Upright  shrub  Rose/lemon scented leaves

A particularly charming pelargonium with delicate rose/lemon scented grey green finely divided triangular leaves, the flowers are light purple to pink with purple markings on the upper petals & each flowering stalk has about 3-6 flowers.  P. radens is a tall upright shrub which grows to about 100 cm/40 in height and prefers slightly moist soil conditions, preferably underneath or next to taller plants. It is ideal for medium to large pots, fragrant gardens, succulent/rock gardens, or next to water features.

Pelargonium  radens

Multifid pelargonium

 each packet contains 5 seeds

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plant description

Pelargonium radens is a tall upright slightly woody shrub that grows to about 100 cm (40 inches) in height,the finely divided triangular leaves are rose lemon scented and the flowers are light pink to dark purple with purple markings on the upper petals with each flowering stalk containing 3-6 flowers.

Fresh leaves and essential oil can be added as a flavouring in food in small amounts such as tea and jellies.

growing conditions

Pelargonium radens is native to the Eastern Cape in the South where it grows on mountainsides,valleys and wooded ravines close to streams with year round rainfall. It prefers sandy/loam soil conditions (PH.acid/neutral) in full sun and is ideal for medium to large pots,fragrant gardens & rock gardens next to succulents or gardens with water features.

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Plant details

Growth habit-  A tall upright  shrub

Soil type-  sandy loam  PH acid neutral

Height-100 cm/ 40 in

Flower period- Spring Summer

Position-  full sun

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Scented leaf  uses

An essential oil can be obtained from the leaves and has a rosy lemon-pungent aroma which is used in perfume and as a preservative. Dried leaves can be added to potpourri, scented pillows and sachets to help repel insects. Fresh leaves can be added to food and beverages to improve flavour.