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Pelargonium  scabrum

A pretty pelargonium with strong lemon scented rhomboidal shaped leaves which are quite rough in texture, it has pink or white flowers with purple markings on the upper petals & each flowering stalk has about 6 flowers.  P. scabum is a upright branching shrub which grows to about 100 cm/39 inches in height and prefers dry soil conditions in full sun. The name “scabrum” is derived from the Latin word scaber meaning having a raised texture, this refers to the leaves of this plant which is covered with rough hairs . It is ideal for pots,tubs, fragrant gardens, rock gardens and succulent gardens.

Rough leaved pelargonium

Ideal for pots,tubs, fragrant gardens , rock gardens and succulent gardens Upright  branching shrub  lemon scented leaves
plant description

Pelargonium scabrum is an upright branching shrub that grows to about 100 cm (39 inches) in height,The rough textured rhomboidal leaves are lemon scented and the flowers are white or pink in colour with purple markings on the upper petals and each flowering stalk contains 6 flowers.

This plant is native to the Western Cape, Northern Cape & Eastern Cape where it grows in dry,rocky and coastal areas which has Summer & Winter rainfall.

growing conditions
Pelargonium scabrum prefers dry sandy loam soil conditions (PH.acid/neutral) in full sun and is ideal for pots,tubs,fragrant gardens,rock gardens and succulent gardens.