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Pelargonium  Aridum

An elegant pelargonium with delicate finely divided  green to brownish green leaves. The flowers are pale yellow and each flowering stork contains up to five flowers.

Pelargonium aridum is a low growing semi succulent tufted plant that grows to about  30 cm s/12 inches in height with a large tuberous root under ground, it is deciduous in Winter.

This plant prefers slightly sandy soil conditions in part shade, in  a medium sized pot on the window sill or grown underneath larger plants in the garden.   

Light yellow flowers

Ideal for pots,  or grown below larger plants in the garden Elegant finely divided leaves and  Light yellow flowers
plant description

Pelargonium aridum is low growing semi succulent tufted plant which grows to 30 cm (12 inches) in height, the leaves are delicate and finely divided green to greenish brown in colour with pale yellow flowers and each flowering stalk contains up to 5 flowers. It has tuberous roots below ground which can grow quite large and is reddish in colour.

This plant is native to South Africa in a large area surrounding the borders of Western & Eastern Cape and Eastwards to Lesotho & Free State where it grows in dry sandy areas, hillsides and among rocks or taller shrubs which has Summer and Winter rainfall.

growing conditions

Pelargonium aridum prefers well drained sandy/loam soil conditions in part shade. It is ideal for medium sized pots on the window sil or grown underneath larger plants in the garden.

 each packet contains 5 seeds

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