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Pelargonium  inquinans  

Scarlet pelargonium

A lovely pelargonium with brightly coloured scarlet flowers , the upper petals are slightly smaller in size than the lower &  each flowering stalk  has about  10-20 flowers.

It has light green  heart shaped leaves with  a velvety texture covered with red glandular hairs also appearing on the stems.  P inquinans is an upright branching slightly woody shrub that reaches to about 200cm/78 inches &  is ideal for  large pots or planted in the garden.

 This plant first appeared in Europe during the 1700s &  is similar to the Pelargonium  zonale, it is native to The Eastern Cape to Kwazulu Natal.

Ideal for large pots and planted in the garden Colourful Scarlet flowers
plant description

Pelargonium inquinans is an upright branching slightly woody shrub that grows to about 200 cm (78 inches) in height, the leaves are light green, heartshaped with a velvety texture and covered with red glandular hairs,the flowers are brightly coloured scarlet red with the upper petals being slightly smaller in size and each flowering stalk contains 10-20 flowers..

The Bishop of London grew P. inquinans in his garden and was found in his plant collection after his death in 1713, the leaves have medicinal properties & can be used as a body deodorant and when crushed can be taken to relieve headaches & flu symptoms by the indigenous people..

growing conditions

Pelargonium inquinans is native to South Africa in the Eastern Cape, Kwazulu Natal and Mpumalanga where it grows on the edge of coastal shrub land which has Summer & Winter rainfall with light frost.It prefers well drained sandy/loam soil conditions (PH acid/alkaline) in full sun and is ideal for in large pots, planted in the garden next to other plants,window boxes or planted in the garden.

 each packet contains 5 seeds

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