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Pelargonium  salmoneum  

One of the most colourful of the pelargonium species with delicate salmon pink coloured flowers and darker veins on the upper petals, the leaves are semi-succulent, thick and fold upwards. P. peltatum is an upright branching slightly succulent shrub that grows to about 150 cm/59 inches in height and prefers full sun to part shade. This plant originates from the Eastern Cape Province and is ideal for medium to large pots, planted in the garden or combined with other plants to add colour.


Salmon pink flowers

plant description

Pelargonium salmoneum is an upright branching succulent shrub that grows to about 150 cm (59 inches) in height, the leaves are thick yellowish green semi succulent and fold upwards with delicate salmon pink flowers and darker veins on the upper petals, each flowering stalk contains 4-20 flowers.

This plant is believed to be native to the Eastern Cape,collected by Henry G Flanagan a South African farmer & plant collector during the late 1800s, but by some it is regarded as a hybrid, yet its characteristics are like that of a Species pelargonium.

growing conditions
Pelargonium salmoneum prefers well drained sandy/loam soil(PH.acid/neutral) in full sun and may need cutting back every alternate year to create a more spreading & leafy growth and a fertilizer containing seaweed once a week (optional) during the Autumn. Best planted in the garden with other plants to add colour or large pots.

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Plant details

Growth habit- An upright branching shrub

Soil type- sandy loam (PH acid neutral)

Height- 150 cm/ 59 in

Flower period-  spring summer

Position- full sun