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Pelargonium  tongaense

A very attractive pelargonium with bright red scarlet flowers that attract butterflies and other wildlife, each flowering stalk contains about 3-8 flowers. P. Tongaense has a slightly exotic appearance and green fleshy-toothed leaves with triangular lobes. It is a semi-upright low-growing plant with slightly succulent stems and grows to about  20 cm/ 8 inches. This plant originates from South Africa where it grows in forests in humid, shady areas and is ideal for medium-sized pots or planted in the garden underneath larger shrubs or trees.

Tonga pelargonium

plant description

Pelargonium tongaense is a low growing slightly succulent shrub that grows to about 20 cm (8 inches) in height, the leaves are fleshy toothed with triangular lobes and red flowers with an orange tint (scarlet), each flowering stalk contains 3-8 flowers and is similar to P. pelatatum.

This plant was given the name Tongaense because it was discovered in Tongaland, Kwazulu-Natal where it grows in forests underneath taller shrubs or trees which has all year round rainfall.

growing conditions
Pelargonium tongaense prefers well drained sandy soil (PH.neutral) in part shade underneath larger plants. Best planted in medium sized pots or planted in the garden underneath larger shrubs or trees. Pelargonium tongaense is a popular pot plant in South Africa mainly due to its bright showy flowers that bloom in the shade and its strong growth.

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Plant details

Growth habit- A semi-upright low growing plant

Soil type- sandy  (PH neutral)

Height- 20 cm/ 8 in

Flower period-  summer

Position- full sun