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A striking pelargonium with large clusters of about 50 very bright pink flowers, the leaves are circular with rounded teeth usually with a brown or dark purple zone in the centre. P. zonale is an upright scrambling shrublet which reaches a height of 100 cm/39 inches and can grow in various soil types in full sun to part shade. The botanical name Zonale refers to the dark zone on the centre of the leaf and originates from a wide area of the Eastern Cape Province. It is ideal for medium to large-sized pots or planted in the garden.

plant description

Pelargonium zonale is an upright slightly woody scrambling shrub which grows to about 100 cm (39 inches) in height, the leaves are large and circular in shape with rounded teeth and a brown or purple zone in the centre. The flowers are bright pink with an inflorescence of about 50 flowers. In its native habitat the flowers of P. zonale can vary in colour from pink,red or white.

The botanical name Zonale refers to the dark zone on the centre of the leaf and is an ancestor of a wide variety of present day Zonal hybrids.

growing conditions
Pelargonium zonale is native to South Africa in the Eastern Cape, Nwazulu-Natal and the Western Cape where it grows on the edge of forests,valleys and rocky areas which has both Summer & Winter rainfall. It prefers full sun to part shade in sandy/clay/loam soil (PH.neutral) without heavy frost and is best planted the garden or grown in medium to large pots.

Pelargonium  zonale  

Inflorescence of bright pink flowers

 each packet contains 5 seeds

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Plant details

Growth habit- An upright scrambling shrublet

Soil type- sandy clay loam (PH neutral)

Height- 100 cm/ 39 in

Flower period-  summer

Position- full sun to part shade