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An elegant shrublet with long flowering stems and tight clusters of up to twelve white to light pink flowers with darker markings. This plant is native to Australia in areas of New South Wales & Victoria where it is known as the native storks bill and Austral storks bill. It is a low-growing upright spreading plant that grows to about  30 cm /12 inches in height and has ovate leaves with shallow lobes. This plant prefers slightly sandy soil conditions in full sun to part shade and grows well in medium-large sized pots, grown in the garden or a rock garden.

Pelargonium  australe

Austral storks bill

plant description

Pelargonium australe is a low growing shrub-let with long spreading stems and grows to 30 cm (12 inches)in height with elegant white to light pink flowers,the leaves are ovate in shape with shallow lobes.

This plant is native to Australia, New South Wales and Victoria where it grows in sandy soil usually in coastal areas.

growing conditions

Pelargonium australe prefers sandy/loam soil in full sun to part shade. It is ideal for hanging baskets, window boxes or in small-medium sized pots.

 each packet contains 5 seeds

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Plant details

Growth habit- A  branching slightly woody shrub

Soil type- sandy loam (PH. neutral)

Height- 150 cm/ 59 in

Flower period-  spring summer

Position- full sun to part shade