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A rare and graceful shrub with aromatic 3 lobed shallow leaves that resembles a palm of a hand in shape with white to pink flowers & dark red markings on the upper petals.

This plant was given the name “Greytonese” because it was first discovered in the small town of Greyton in the Western Cape, South Africa & was originally named after the

governor of the cape Sir George Grey.

Pelargonium greytonense is an upright slightly woody shrub-let covered with long & short hairs and grows to about 100 cm (39 inches). The leaves are sweet scented mid green, shallow, 3 lobed which resembles a palm of a hand in shape with white to pink flowers and dark red markings on the upper petals, each flowering stalk contains up to 9 flowers. This plant is recorded as being rare on the red list of South African plants and is native to a small area of the Western Cape mainly in the South West where it grows on mountain slopes & in narrow gorges which has Winter rain and hot Summers. It prefers well drained sandy soil conditions (PH acid) in full

sun. Best planted in the garden along side other plants or shrubs,

in medium sized pots or in a fragrant garden.

Ideal for Fragrant gardens, tubs or  pots. Sweet aromatic leaves White-pink flowers

Pelargonium  greytonense        

Sweet  aromatic leaves

 each packet contains 5 seeds

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