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All our plants are grown naturally in a natural environment with no chemicals or pesticides in our garden in Crete, also the fertilizer used on the plants is made from natural sources.

The flowers are pollinated naturally by bees and other wildlife so a few hybrids may occur between closely related varieties of pelargoniums.

In cooler countries seeds may take longer to germinate and could possibly need extra heating and lighting.

If you wish to change your purchase, please let me know by email up to few hours  after payment.

Personal information

Your email and personal information will be kept confidential and secure and will not be passed on to any third parties, it will also not be stored on any database.


At the moment we only accept paypal, but are looking to add additional payment methods in the future.

     Refund & replacements

If you are unhappy with your purchase or you have not received your seeds after 31 days, we can send you a replacement or you can choose a similar variety.

If you wish to return your purchase, please can you send it to our address and let us know the reason for your return, then you will receive a refund. The sender is responsible for paying the returning postage.

   Prohibited seeds

Pelargonium mollicomum is prohibited in Australia, so other varieties could possibly be prohibited in your country, so it is advisable that you check this with your authorities. If seeds are confiscated we can not claim responsibility for this.

Countries including  USA, Canada, UK, Ireland,France, Spain, Italy,Netherlands,Norway,Hungary,Russia,South Korea & Israel, we haven't had a problem.

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