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Pelargonium  asperum

A Beautiful pelargonium with rose scented deeply incised triangular leaves and pale pink flowers with darker markings, arranged in an inflorescence of about 4-5 flowers. Its foliage is used in the production of essential oil for aromatherapy & perfume and is a cultivar believed to be a cross between P. capitatum & radens. P. asperum is an upright shrub that grows to about 1 m/40 inches in height and prefers slightly sandy/moist soil conditions in part shade, ideal for medium-sized pots, in a scented garden or planted close to the house.

Beautiful pale pink flowers

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pelargonium aridum

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plant description

Pelargonium asperum is an upright shrub that grows to about 100 cm (39 inches) in height, the deeply incised triangular leaves are rose scented with pale pink flowers, each flowering stalk contains 4-5 flowers.

growing conditions
Pelargonium asperum prefers sandy loam moist soil in part shade and is ideal for fragrant gardens, medium sized pots or planted close to the house.

Plant details

Growth habit-  An upright shrub

Soil type-  sandy loam

Height-100 cm/ 40 in

Flower period- Spring Summer

Position-  part shade

Scented leaf  uses

An essential oil can be obtained from the leaves and has a rose scent used for aromatherapy and perfume.