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This charming pelargonium bears soft velvety five lobed peppermint scented leaves and small flowers with purple markings on the upper petals. The leaves can be used as a herb in cooking and is traditionally added to a chocolate cake by placing the leaves at the base of a baking tin.

P. tomentosum is a low growing shrub with long spreading branches which grows to about 50 cm/20 inches in height and prefers sandy loam conditions in part shade or sun part of the day. The name “tomentosum” is derived from the botanical word tomentose meaning covered in hairs, this refers to the hairy leaves of this plant . It is ideal for  fragrant gardens, as ground cover.  In pots or with other plants to add colour.

Pelargonium  tomentosum

Mint scented leaf pelargonium

Each packet contains 5 seeds €4.25

pelargonium tomentosum

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