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Pelargonium  ranunculophyllum

Horse shoe zoned pelargonium   

A lovely graceful pelargonium which has attractive rounded palmately lobed leaves with a reddish to deep purple zone (horse shoe mark) in the centre.  The flowers are  narrow and white to pink  sometimes with reddish  markings on the upper petals and pale orange to yellow pollen,  they are arranged on  long upright flowering stalks which  contains about 2-3 flowers. P. ranunculophyllum  is a low growing  plant  with long delicate stems   and  is smaller in size than P. alchemilloides  which has similar characteristics and with thinner stems.  It is native to the Eastern Cape where it grows in rocky sandstone or on mountainsides over 1000 m,  best grown in part shade in pots or planted in the garden and also combined with other plants.

Each packet contains 5 seeds- €4.25

pelargonium quinquelobatum In stock narrow  white  pinkish flowers pots or planted in the garden Attractive rounded  leaves with a deep purple zone