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Pelargonium  graveolens L’Her

Rose geranium

A beautiful pelargonium  which is  believed to be a cross between graveolens x radens and is often used for rose oil in perfume, soap and also toothpaste. It has pale pink  flowers with thin purple lines on the upper petals & each flowering stalk has about 1-7 flowers.  P. Graveolens L’ Her is an up right  shrub with a spreading growth often trailing  along the ground and up walls to reach towards the light  and prefers slightly sandy soil conditions in semi shade.

 It is ideal for fragrant gardens, rock gardens,or pots.

As this pelargonium is a cross between two species, it is possible that one or two plants from seed may become  P. gravelens or P. radens.

Each packet contains 5 seeds-€3.50                                                                  

pelargonium mollicomum
In stock narrow  white  pinkish flowers pots or planted in the garden Attractive rounded  leaves with a deep purple zone