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Pelargonium  graveolens L’Her

Rose geranium

A beautiful pelargonium similar to P. graveolens but with long spreading branches and pale pink flowers, believed to be a cross between P. graveolens x P. radens which is used for its rose oil in perfume, soap and also toothpaste. The flowers are a delicate shade of pink with thin purple lines on the upper petals arranged in clusters of about 1-7 flowers on long flowering stems.  P. Graveolens L’ Her is an upright shrub with a spreading growth often trailing along the ground and up walls to reach towards the light and prefers slightly sandy soil conditions in semi-shade. This plant is ideal for fragrant gardens, rock gardens, or pots. As this pelargonium is a cross between two species, one or two plants from seed may differ slightly.

Each packet contains 5 seeds


pelargonium mollicomum Clusters of  pale pink flowers Ideal for fragrant gardens, rock gardens or pots Attractive foliage and long spreading branches

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plant description

Pelargonium graveolens L' Her is an upright shrub with spreading branches and grows about 150 cm (29 inches)in height with triangular deeply incised leaves,the flowers are pink with purple veins & each flowering stalk contains 1-7 flowers.

This plant is believed to be a cultivar crossed between P. graveolens and P. radens.

growing conditions

Pelargonium graveolens prefers sandy loam soil in full sun to part shade and is best planted in a sheltered position in the garden close to a wall or as a pot plant by the house.

Plant details

Growth habit- A n upright spreading shrub

Soil type- sandy loam

Height- 150 cm/ 29 in

Flower period-  spring summer

Position- full sun to part shade

Scented leaf uses

The leaves can be used for the distillation of essential oil for perfume, soap and toothpaste.

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