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Pelargonium  citronellum mabel grey

A lovely pelargonium with strong lemon scented palmately shaped leaves and irregularly toothed pointed lobes which are covered in small hairs. The white flowers have two larger upper petals with purple markings and three lower oblong petals.

P. Citronellum mabel grey is a upright branching shrub which grows to about 200 cm/78 inches in height and prefers dry soil conditions in full sun, or sun part of the day.

The name “citronellum” is derived from the word citron, this refers to the strong lemon scent ed  leaves of this plant and is ideal for pots & fragrant gardens.

Fresh leaves can be used to flavour puddings, desserts, biscuits, cakes and ice cream, or added to a finger bowl, they can also help to deter unwanted insects. Dried leaves can be added to pot-pourri and in fragrant pillows.

Citronella pelargonium

 each packet contains 5 seeds

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Ideal for large pots &  fragrant gardens. An upright branching shrub  lemon scented leaves Fresh Leaves used in food & beverages