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Pelargonium  multibracteatum

White flowers & soft zoned rounded leaves

A charming pelargonium with branching stems and lightly scented soft green rounded lobed leaves with a darker zone in the centre, the flowers are white with a slight pink tinge at the base & each flowering stalk has about 5-16 flowers.

P. Multibracteatum is a spreading shrub which reaches to about 50 cm/20 inches in height.

The name “multibracteatum” refers to the many bracts of this plant and is native to East Africa, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan & Arabia. It is ideal for  pots or planted in the garden.

Each packet contains 5 seeds-€4.25                                                                  

White flowers with a slight pink tinge at the base pots or planted in the garden Attractive soft rounded  leaves with a dark zone